How to check your CPF accured interest?

We’ve received feedback from readers as to where can they check their accrued interest so far?

Here’s a quick guide on How to check your ACCRUED INTEREST.

Let’s discover your Accrued interest today!

The only thing you need. Singpass. We’re going to assume that you have singpass and know how to use it.

STEP 1  :Go to CPF website and login with your singpass

STEP 2 : You’ll see the screen like below.

Click “My Statement” on the left menu.
Next, click “Net Amount Used & Amount Available”

CPF accured int check

There you have it. The amount you are looking for is labeled “Accrued interest” under the Property Segment.

section C

If you bought your property with your spouse, be sure to add both yours and your spouse’s accured interest to get the total amount. If you this information might be helpful to your friends please help share it via the link below.

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