About us

About us


Team PropertyDiscovery

We are Property Discovery Team Andy & Chris, a real estate consultation team in your area. Besides the usual buy/sell/rent, we offer in-depth real estate information and how to use it for wealth-creation and asset accumulation purposes.

We will always be available for you. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions, advise your next step and at the same time help plan your finances for the next home!


Our role in your real-estate journey

Pre-marketing Assessment (Assess your current situation & future planning)

  • In-Depth Evaluation for your real-estate planning
  • Detailed Research report based on actual transactions
  • Indicative Valuation for your unit
  • Clear explanation of full procedures for sales & purchase
  • Financial calculations for your current and next home
  • Work out time-lines and options for your next home

Marketing Campaign (for maximum exposure & highest price)

  • 24 hours marketing on the best online portals
  • Virtual Tour
  • Customized and targeted Facebook ads
  • Home staging

Negotiation & After-sales (Leave the stressful phase to us)

  • Negotiate in your best interests for the best pricing
  • Arranging for reliable related services e.g. law firm, bankers
  • Worry-free and accurate documentation (e.g. OTP)

  • before Living room
  • After Living Room
  • Before Bedroom
  • After Bedroom

You might already have an agent currently marketing your property. It is okay if you wish to seek a second opinion with us if you are currently unsatisfied.

What our customers say

Contact us today

Feel free to contact us if for any property-related questions. Use the form below or try the Whatsapp button on screen! We’d do our best to provide the most up-to-date solutions for you. By involving Property Discovery Team Andy & Chris, you are ensuring a real estate team that works in YOUR best interests throughout the entire process with referrals to our vast network of mortgage bankers, inspectors, notaries and other professionals!

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