Thinking of Selling your property? Read this first!


  • Wanting to sell your property but do not know where to start?
  • Agent(s) marketing the unit for you has not bring any good offers despite numerous viewings?
  • Would you have enough after selling to upgrade to next property?

At PropertyDiscovery.Today lets discover how to sell your home quickly! (well, at least the basics first)

First of all, we’d like all sellers and potential sellers to have a clear objective on WHY are they selling?

  1. Cashing out and down-sizing?
  2. Cash out and buy a similar sized home in another location?
  3. Cashing out and upgrading?

In this fast changing property climate in SG today, sentiments are rising and so are prices. With the frequencies of en-bloc, government land sales and the huge amount of BTOs built every year, is it the right time to sell? Would all these events impact your hope to sell at your ideal price?

If you were to sell, there’s a high chance you would need to buy a replacement home.

Our primary objective at PropertyDiscovery.Today is not only to help sellers sell, but to help sellers upgrade / relocate with a peace of mind, to fully understand the plan and if the finances support their plan.REAL ESTATE planning

Lets address the concerns of owners thinking to sell or have no results despite listing their property for sale for some time already.

  1. D.I.Y selling.

    This way of selling is becoming more and more popular, but sellers usually use newspaper advertisements or free online portals such as carousell even. They have to conduct their on viewing appointments and through trial and error they might get the hang of it on what works and what doesn’t. Some buyers we see would just be thoroughly stressed out after few weeks of scheduling appointments, conducting viewings and advertising. This way of selling might somewhat hinder the efficiency and speed.
  2. Pack & Clean. clean and neatMost important point in my opinion is, did the seller pack up the unnecessary stuff and clean up the unit? We are all human and it’s normal for some form of messiness here and there, especially so if there are children. However, for buyers the primary concern is the first impression and the outlook of the unit. We have to WOW them.
  3. Precise marketing.

    For those that engaged agents, are they marketing your unit correctly? The most basic way for marketing would be listing on the major property platforms e.g. Propertyguru, SRX,, etc. Your agents would need to identify your target audience so that marketing can be more precise. Some target groups e.g. Young couples, retired couples, downsizing couples, upgraders, small families, big families, investors..etc. Once the target audience is ascertained, we could craft our description to appeal to your target group.
  4. Touching up painting-black-paint-rollerIt’s inevitable that there are some minor flaws, e.g. hairline cracks on walls, flooring. “Aiyahh, going to sell already, buyer also going to renovate what, nevermind la” Does the above statement sounds familiar? Actually seller should care. Spending that $1000 to $2000 for a fresh coat of paint goes hand in hand with point number 2. Cleaning up the unit. To give a great impression, to wow the buyers.
  5. Descriptions. Did your marketing write up describe and zoom into the plus points about your unit? If target group is young couples, we would need to highlight which childcare centers and distance? If you are targeting the elderly, they might be more concerned with community centers, wet markets, or even wheelchair friendly facilities in the unit or around the block.


The points listed above are some basic guidelines to selling a property faster. Selling a property is not as straightforward as some might think, there’s a lot of preparation and planning behind “quick sale”.  We hope this post would be beneficial to all potential sellers.

You might already have an agent currently marketing your property. It is okay if you wish to seek a second opinion if you are currently unsatisfied.
If you have intentions to sell and would like us to
do an assessment on your existing property, we invite you to contact us for a consultation session.

Our  goal is to help you sell your property at a reasonable value in a reasonably quick time frame and at the same time help plan your finances for the next home! 

Be our next satisfied client! 

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