2018 Property Scene

2018 property scene

2017 ended with a whole lot of en-bloc and record hitting government land sales. If you’re in this page clearly you are interested what’s going to happen next. Discover our take on the 2018 property scene today.

First let’s have a quick recap on what happened in 2017 by looking at the chart below.

Credit: Edge Property. Sources: Morgan Stanley Singapore, Various property consultants

Simply mind-blowing right? It’s like the developers suddenly went on an uncontrollable shopping spree for land. There’s no point pondering what the developers did that, why did they bid sky high prices, what are their prediction?

The more important question here is how would we, potential investors and home buyers be affected by their actions?

Now comes the facts and figures for 2018.

Project Line Up for 1Q 2018


Wallich Residences by Guocoland

1 Bedroom from $2,039,150 ($3321psf)

(District 2, Tanjong Pagar)

New Futura by CDL

Mid Jan 2018

2 Bedroom from $3,800,000 ($3461psf)

(District 9, Leonie Hill) 

The Tapestry by CDL

March 2018

— Pending Sales Approval —

(District 18, Tampines Ave 10)

Twin Vews by China Construction Co (South Pacific) Development
March 2018

— Pending Sales Approval —

(District 5, West Coast Vale)


Rivercove Residences EC by Hoi Hup

E App Date: March 2018

— Pending Sales Approval —

(District 19, Anchorvale Drive)

Why are we shortlisting these few projects out of the huge list above? To subscribe for more information on these projects sign up here!

Lets talk more about how projects outside of the central region would be affected by the aggressive land bids.

SR north Propertydiscovery

woodleigh Propertydiscovery

Developers are paying big money to make even more money right? Where do you think their high land cost would go to? Yes, no doubt it’s to the consumers like you and I. They have to make that profit margin, else they would go bust!

But why is that despite the fact that they need to bid high and sell higher, many developers still went ahead with it anyway? They are diving into unchartered territory here. $1600 ~ $1700 psf for Upper serangoon property!?? What??!

Maybe you would visualize better if we had used existing projects.

Discovery 1 – what does this picture tell you?

HP vs PB Propertydiscovery


Discovery 2 – Prices within the SAME project (Kingsford Waterbay)

KWB propertydiscovery

kingsford project price propertyDiscoverykingsford project price propertyDiscovery

#06-76        30 APR 2017        $1,431,000

#02-76        3 NOV 2017         $1,658,503

Within a short span of 7 months, low floor selling $227,000 higher than a higher floor unit?historical transaction

Discovery 3 – Current Supply inventory running low.

capitaland halt sales developers halt sales
Le Quest, Martin Modern Halts sales.

Well, we all know what the price revision would be when the halted units are release back into the open market given the demand. Price would almost certainly be revised up.

So, What’s the market Inventory looking like right now?

market inventory PropertyDiscovery

Why are we mentioning these few projects? Let us share our insights with you.  Sign up here and indicate in the additional comments section.

Discovery 4 – Property Trend Reversal

PPI Reversal

bloomberg market reversal
Credit: Bloomberg



mkt movement by analysts
With the discoveries above, and the market analysis by experts in the Real Estate sector, which way would the market be heading in 2018? The answer should be very clear at this point.

What to expect?

  1. New launch in 2018 would have surge in prices per square foot
  2. Shrinking unit sizes
  3. Sellers, Developers halting sales in wait of increasing prices

There’s no stopping the market forces, we would have to do our best to ride the trend and benefit from it.
Entry prices would determine what your exit strategies and potential profits.

Talk to us to find out how you could benefit and ride the 2018 property wave today! Whatsapp us or call us at 61002151, alternatively you could also fill in the form below.

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